Wood Countertops
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African Mahogany with Poplar Inlay



Bring your kitchen to life with the warmth and elegance of a Wood Countertop.

Design your Wood Countertop from an array of wood species, precision inlays and detailed edge profiles.

Your Wood Countertop is built to order insuring the highest quality while allowing you to specify the measurements you desire.

Jatoba with Maple/Wenge Inlay and Ogee Profile


Our Wood Countertops are finish with our high quality varnish finish.

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Care and Cleaning

This link will take you tips for proper care.

Wooden Countertop Care

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Grain Types

When you cut this log Horizontally you expose the End grain of the wood.


When you cut this log vertically you exposed both the edge grain and the face grain.


Each section of the grain has its strengths and weaknesses

End Grain-


Considered the best type of butcher blocks by chefs around the world, this section of the grain quickly recovers from knife damage be easily swelling closed most scratches when mineral oil is applied. End grain also make a fast surface for your knife. Which means it has little drag and will not dull your knives as quickly as the other grain section.


Its greatest strength is also its biggest weakness. Since it can quickly recover from scratches because of its absorbing qualities, it will absorb anything with the same ease. Follow the Wooden Countertop Care link above and you and your grand kids will enjoy this Butcher Block for years to come.

Edge Grain & Face Grain-


Used mostly in bread board and display pieces, edge grain board offer customization that is second to none. Being more resistant to staining and absorbing moisture, edge grain blocks have competed with plastic boards for years.


In order to be more resistant to staining and absorbing moisture, the grain must be closed. Edge grain and Face grain commonly referred to as Flat Grain, tend to dull blades quicker and show scratched and damage more.

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