Policies & Procedures  
door warranty:

Due to the unique nature of natural wood flooring in relationship to color from piece to piece, and in an effort to insure a quality color match and minimize returns, we require a minimum of four (4) different planks, no less than 24 inches long showing a range of color. Please refer to the “Color Match Waiver Agreement” for complete information.

NOTE: The “Color Match Wavier Agreement” must be returned, with samples, to Millwork Concepts prior to any orders being placed.

CLICK HERE to download the Color Match Waiver Agreement


To maintain a cost effective operation, all standard profiles and products must be purchased in minimum standard carton quantity increments. These standard carton quantities are:

    Quarter Round, Shoe Moulding – 10 pieces.

    T-Moulding, Reducer, Step-Down, Stair Nosing, - 5 pieces.

Smaller quantities of some special profiles and products are available at a higher price and will include an additional packaging and handling fee. Special orders for custom profiles, colors or species will be quoted on a per order basis.


If you require expedited delivery, please contact us with your requirements. Millwork Concepts’ maintains a standard lead time of two to three weeks for most all standard products. In the event that an order is required in less than our established lead time for that product, Millwork Concepts typically can meet your needs, however an expedited service fee will apply to the order. This fee will vary based on time and requirements of the order.


Custom products are items that are manufactured to a specific specification and typically will not be duplicated, in quantity, as a running line product and as such may require an up front setup charge and are non-refundable.


Millwork Concepts will offer support with carriers if requested. However, please note that all freight charges are the responsibility of the customer and that all shipping charges are FOB Monroe, Washington.


6. DEFECTIVE PRODUCT CLAIMS (During or After Installation)
Millwork Concepts stands behind its quality and workmanship. While Millwork Concepts does everything possible to insure it manufactures a quality product, it is the installers responsibility NOT to install ANY Millwork Concepts products that have any visual defects. Millwork Concepts is NOT responsible for any labor costs relating to the initial installation or replacement of any visually defective products.

If you ever have the need to file a claim for defective product, please contact Millwork Concepts customer service department immediately. Do this PRIOR to replacing or destroying the defective product as Millwork Concepts will not be able to accept a claim without inspection of the defective product.

Millwork Concepts will immediately determine a course of action to help resolve the situation as quickly as possible. In some cases photographs and/or a full description of the problem may be requested by Millwork Concepts. In other rare cases, Millwork Concepts may request an onsite inspection to determine the issue and its resolution.

With all claims, Millwork Concepts reserves the right to replace the material or give a refund for the purchase amount.


Millwork Concepts understands that there may be times that products may need to be returned for various reasons. To avoid delay it is important that EVERYONE follow specific procedures and understands their responsibilities.


Returning a Defective Product
Unless otherwise specified, we gladly accept defective exchanges (i.e., incorrect milling species or color) on products within 60 days of the original invoice date, provided they have not been installed. You MUST call Millwork Concepts IMMEDIATELY to report the problem. Millwork Concepts will then determine the course of action to replace the materials. You MUST also have a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number from Millwork Concepts’ customer service department (See “Obtaining a return authorization number” below). WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU CHECK YOUR ORDERS FOR ACCURACY AND COMPLETENESS ASAP!

Obtaining a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Number
Returns will not be accepted at our warehouse without a valid Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number. The RMA number must appear on the shipping label. RMA numbers will expire after 21 days of issue. Any returns we receive without an RMA will be documented and returned, and will delay your exchange or refund.


From time to time shippers (UPS, FedEx, etc.) and common carriers may lose or damage products during the shipping process. To avoid delays of replacement materials or refunds for damaged products, it is imperative that EVERYONE follow specific procedures and understands their responsibilities, ESPECIALLY when dealing with shippers and freight carriers.

Typically when there is a claim for damage to due to shipping, IT IS THE RECEIVERS RESPONSIBILITY to file a claim with the carrier. This is typically true regardless of who paid for or arranged the shipping and whether it is UPS, FedEx or a common carrier. Therefore, if you receive any product that was damaged in shipping, contact the shipper IMMEDIATELY to file a claim. In addition, to get reimbursement from the carrier, they MUST be allowed to inspect the packaging and materials. THEREFORE, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, DESTROY OR THROW AWAY ANY PRODUCTS, PACKAGING OR PAPERWORK UNTIL AFTER THE CARRIER HAS INSPECTED THEM.

NOTE: In the event a product is lost or damaged in shipment and a replacement is needed immediately, Millwork Concepts will remanufacture the affected material ASAP, but must charge the customer for the replacement until the claim is resolved with the carrier, at which time the charges will be settled. Also, if the materials are destroyed or thrown away prior to inspection, Millwork Concepts will not be able to credit the customer for the lost or damaged materials.